David Stout

David Stout, grew up in the small town of Lakeview, MI. He has taken influences from blues, jazz and alternative bands like: the Black Keys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and THE 1975. He has taken his influences and combined them into his own writing style. Taking sounds from several different music genres, David has a writing style heavily driven by guitars and more importantly lyrics. David’s lyrics capture the emotions that he has observed, witnessed, and felt first hand all of which are surrounded by great sounding music


NAthan Porter

Nathan Grew Up with both David and Miranda and has known David for about 18 years. Getting his start on the Drums, Nate has picked up the bass for this project. Nate takes his bass style from Pop Punk bands as well as Alternative bands like The Killers and Manchester Orchestra. Nathan adds an energy to the band that keeps things light and fun even though he is the Goat of the group. Age before Beauty.




Miranda is 21 years old and spent most of her life living in Mt. Pleasant, MI. She started to play drums at a young age, but spent most of her time singing. Since going to college for music, Miranda has started to take drums more seriously, spending more time on that. She still loves singing, but feels that drumming is another musical outlet for her. Just a couple of her influences are Catfish and the Bottlemen and Mayday Parade.